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Locksmith Lock Store Fremont, CA 510-404-0380With the advent of new technology and marked improvement in the way we lock and secure things, the role of a locksmith has completely changed. A locksmith has to do a lot more than install and repair locks in today’s day and age. A competent locksmith is expected to install digital locks, keyless entry systems, program transponder keys and a lot more. A locksmith service like Locksmith Lock Store understands the modern role of a locksmith and has been successfully serving the residents of Fremont, CA for the past 10 years. Our clientage has only grown over the years and we have made sure that we provide them with the best possible lock and key solutions.

The professional locksmiths you can rely on:

Trusting a complete stranger with the security of your office is a very risky step. If you don’t have an insight into the background of the individual or the firm that you are dealing with, then you should not trust them with the security of your property, period. An unreliable locksmith or locksmith firm may hand over the blueprints of the security of your office to your competitor or may copy the keys of your home without your notice to misuse them later. To make sure that our clients don’t face any similar issues and to remove any doubt in their minds, we only locksmiths with proper credentials and referrals, verified properly via background checks. Our locksmiths follow our stringent code of ethics and you will and you will be pleased by their professional but friendly way of dealing with things.


Specialists for specialized services:

Automotive locksmiths:

Our team of automotive locksmiths is known to solve issues in a couple of hours that a car dealer might take days to respond to. From reprogramming transponder car keys on the side of the road to repairing ignitions, Locksmith Lock Store’s team can do it all.

Locksmiths for homes:

Entrust your home security to the right crew! We can fix your home locks, develop master keys, provide eviction services and more

Locksmith Lock Store’s master home locksmith team is known across the local community for its quick and reliable response to emergencies and accurate solving of day to day lock and key issues.

Commercial locksmiths

We have teamed with the security teams of businesses of all sizes to set up security systems that completely eliminate any kind of vulnerability in their locking systems.

24-hour locksmiths in Fremont, CA area

We receive the most calls for emergency requests that range from lockouts to eviction services. Locksmith Lock Store makes it a priority to respond to each request within 15-20 minutes.

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